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    Before and After


    Weston Ford

    I stumbled upon Fitworks perfect posture and function by accident. I was looking through Groupon when I found this article for a posture evaluation.  At the time, I had been having a lot of lower back pain and tightness and I was only 17 years old. I had been going to the Chiropractor at that time for about a year in hopes that my pain would stop. The Chiropractor only offered temporary relief but in my mind I knew there were still some underlying issues when it came to my pain. My hips were extremely tight, and my pain wasn't getting any better. When I found Fitworks and read what it was all about, I knew that it was the next step to eliminate my back pain.  

    My first session Gary Rumel knew immediately what underlying problems was causing my back pain, but there were also many muscular imbalances that I didn't know about that he pointed out to me.  At the time I was suffering from forward head and Kyphosis. This bad posture as well as other muscular imbalances all contributed to my lower back pain.  Through the first couple of sessions my back pain was greatly alleviated. By the time my sessions were over my back pain was 99% gone, and with the knowledge he gave me through his Perfect Posture and Function program, I was able to finish my muscle training and strengthening at home. I am now pain free, my posture is much better, and I feel much better. 

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet Gary and we became great friends. I always looked forward to my sessions because they were so informative and he was such a great person to work with. He has taught me so much about the body and muscular system and I have used that knowledge to improve my body. For anybody thinking about doing his program, I highly recommend it. 

     In our society people spend thousands of dollars on their cars and commodities. People often forget that their health should come first, because your body cannot be replaced. With Gary's work he does wonderful things to your body, restoring natural balance and teaching you amazing things about your body which you can apply even after you’re done with his sessions.  I recommended my history teacher and his wife, and they have had amazing results, too. I would highly recommend Gary to anybody who is interested.