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    Before and After



    Hi my name is Wendy and I am a 50 year old female.  

    When I came into the office I was in so much pain and discomfort  I couldn’t even drive a car. Something was terribly wrong with my neck.  I was dizzy all the time, which made it impossible to drive.  When sitting up, I would have to wait a few minutes to stabilize myself before getting up and walking.  I had Sciatica down my left leg so bad I wanted to cut off my own leg! I’m sure the slight scoliosis my doctor also told me about, didn’t help matters any.  Is it any shock that I had become  a depressed person?

    Gary did a posture evaluation on me and found a laundry list of even more problems in my posture.   I had forward head, very tight quads, hamstrings, adductors and calf muscles, weak abs, glutes and hamstrings which caused me to lean forward when I stood or walked.  My muscles were also tight in my hips and my hips were crooked.  I had crooked shoulders, too.

    At my 6th session I had no more dizziness!

    At my 8th session my hips were pain free and shoulders and hips were both level!

    At my 10th session I was able to have my doctor take me off all pain medications!

    At my 11th session I went and got my driver’s license!

    At my 12th session my flexibility was  excellent and all of my pain and issues were gone!

    I would like to say to Gary, “Thank you for changing my life!  I’m doing things I’ve never done before like driving a car!   I’m active with my three children!   I’m excited about the future!   I’ve never thought about the future before, there are great things I have yet to do in my life.” 

    I also want you to know that my husband says, “Gary, I have a new wife. Thank you!”