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    Before and After


    Steve Sharp

    I must admit that I had to be asked to write a review of Gary and Fitworks Perfect Posture and Function. I don't typically write reviews. But I also must admit that if I didn't believe in what Gary does, I wouldn't have agreed to it. My personal experience with Gary's methods are all very positive and beneficial. And I HIGHLY recommend his methods to anyone suffering from pain as a result of poor posture and many other skeletal and muscular imbalances. Gary has done an extensive amount of research and study of physiology. As a result of this study and experience, he really understands both the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body and how to stretch, strengthen and lengthen specific muscles to properly align the body. His process of stretching, strengthening and lengthening specific muscles, combined with his sincere desire to help people, helps to reduce or eliminate pain. It is extremely effective! Gary's method is simple, straight-forward and easy to implement. After meeting Gary, I have adopted the phrase, "I'm goin' to Gary!" And believe me, you want to go to Gary, too!