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    Before and After


    Shay Armstrong

    I am a new client and have been going to sessions at Fitworks for only a few weeks.  No one has ever been able to know what the heck was wrong with me and so there has NEVER been a way to cure me of pain.  Then, I found Gary.  He knew EXACTLY what was happening in my hips, back, shoulders, neck and legs.  Already, I am seeing and feeling a huge difference in the way I walk and in my posture.  Not to mention, for the first time EVER, I am pain free in my left hip and leg!!

    13 years ago, I went to several different doctors and a chiropractor looking for a reason for all of my pain, tingling and numbness in my left leg, as well as much needed relief.  I was passed around from doctor to doctor, each putting me through painful tests.  At one point, I had needles stuck in my legs and then electrical currents run through them to compare how each leg felt pain.  (Ouch!!!!)  I was put through an MRI.  I was sent to have a biopsy on the lining of my stomach.  They thought maybe I wasn't absorbing B12 and so my nerves were not properly lined, thus causing the pain and tingling.  The only thing they found on that test was and ulcer!!!!!!  Go figure.  So, off to the chiropractor I went and he was able to relieve the pain in several expen$ive sessions, but my pain was back once I stopped going to see him.  

    Since then, I have had to continue to pay a chiropractor to ease my pain, or go to physical therapy to try to remain as pain free as possible.  I had to learn to live with a continual level of pain.  I have had to suffer through traveling or just not go at all.  My life has revolved around my pain.

    No more!

    I am not even close to being finished working with Gary and the customized program he has set up specifically for me and my issues, but I am already feeling great!  I can't even imagine how wonderful I am going to look and feel once I have completed this!!!  

    Gary is the ONLY person in the WORLD who knows how to do this for people!  Let me tell you, it is worth every penny!!!!!!  The cost is very low when you consider how much you've already spent on doctors, prescriptions, time off work, etc.  To have your pain GONE will save you so much more than you realize!!!!!


    Thank you, Gary!!!  I look forward to continuing my sessions with you!