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    I am 55 years old and I was living with pain for 15 years.  My doctor didn’t know what to do for me anymore.  My migraines and sciatica were getting worse and worse, with no relief in sight.

    My doctor diagnosed me with migraine headaches, scoliosis, and pain in my hips and legs that he called sciatica.  I also had pain in my lower back.  All of these things combined really got in the way of my regular daily activities.  Basically, my doctor had me on so many drugs, I had trouble functioning.  If I didn’t take the drugs, I couldn’t stand to even think about doing anything.  I was stuck.

    My husband and I actually met with Gary two years before I finally decided I had had enough pain. I can’t believe I waited so long but, I finally made the call to schedule an appointment at Fitworks. 

    My posture evaluation showed me that I had a forward head, (I think that was causing my migraines) making my neck muscles stiff and sore down into my shoulders.  Because of my forward head, I was developing a serious hunch-back!  My lower back had a big sway in it which was probably the main reason my lower back hurt so much.  The muscles were tired and over-worked.  My hip muscles were also weak, which put extra work on the lower back muscles. No wonder my muscles hurt so badly!  My body was seriously out of balance.

    It only took us 12 sessions to solve all of my problems! It’s amazing that after only 12 sessions I was able to get out of pain!  It’s sad that I lived in so much pain for fifteen years.

    After working out with Gary’s Perfect Posture and Function program  and strengthening certain muscles and relaxing others, I lined up and stabilized my joints naturally, which took away my pain and discomfort.   NO MORE DRUGS!  My posture improved and now I feel and look so much better!


    Best money and time I ever spent.


    Samantha is a 55 years old female who had been living with pain for many years. She had the following musculoskeletal imbalances and symptoms that were giving her much discomfort and pain:

    Forward head (upper cross syndrome)

    Stiff neck

    Sore muscles in her neck and shoulders

    Migraine headaches

    Hunch back (kyphosis)

    Excessive low back curve (swayback or lordosis)

    Vertebrae are too close together on the posterior side of her low back (lumbar)

    Vertebrae are too close together on the inside of the upper back (anterior side of the thoracic spine)

    Spine pulled to the right in a “C” shape (scoliosis)

    Sacrum turned

    SI joint (SIJ) was hyper mobile

    With every step she took the SIJ was moving around

    The muscles in her hips and hams were working hard so hard to stabilize the SIJ that they push on the sciatica nerve causing pain

    After lining up and stabilizing the joints her pain and discomfort were gone. Her posture improved.  She now feels and looks so much better.

    This was something she had been living with for 15 years. I met Samantha and her husband two years before they finally decided she had enough pain and called me to schedule her appointment. It only took us 12 sessions to solve the problems. It’s sad that she lived in so much pain for all these years. It’s amazing that after 12 sessions (six weeks) we were able to get her out of pain.