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    Before and After




    My name is Nancy.  I am 60 years old, married and a mother of three.   I am an actor.  I have been in plays, movies and commercials.  Looking and feeling my very best gets the work I love to do.  But, over the years, my neck became stiff and sore all of the time and  my fingers were cold and tingly, my lower back was always killing me, I had sciatica down my left leg, plus I had plantar faciitis in my feet.  I was miserable.

     My doctor told me what was wrong with me (C7 was pushed back, L4 and 5 were too close) and then wrote out prescriptions for muscle relaxers and pain killers.  I no longer looked or felt  my best  and it showed.  I was afraid my career as an actor was over.

    Then, I found Gary!

    After strengthening and stretching specific muscle groups, my joints lined up gradually and I noticed one by one, all my pain was gone!  I also had the added bonus of losing 14 pounds of fat!

    At my next doctor’s visit for a cholesterol check, my doctor also followed up on my different aches and pains.

    He asked about my sciatic pain.  I said, “All gone, Gary fixed it.”

    The doctor then asked about the pain in my low back.  I responded, “Gary fixed that too.”

    So, the doctor continued and asked about the stiffness in my neck as well as the cold and numbness in my hands.  As you may have already guessed, I said, “Gary also fixed that.” And I smiled.

    ”How are your headaches?” The doctor asked, “Wait -- let me guess, Gary?” 

     “Well Yes!” I said.

    The doctor continued, “Did Gary fix the plantar fasciitis, too?”

    “Well yes!” I said. “Gary fixed all of my pain problems!  I hope it’s alright but, I decided to stop taking my pain medications.  I don’t need them anymore.”

    My husband told me that he likes all the new curves in my body. He said, “I have a new woman!” 

    I’m working again and I feel gorgeous!  Thank you, Gary!