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    Before and After




    I’m 46, married, father of two and I own my own company.  I love to golf and I spend every spare minute I have on the greens.  My back had gotten worse and worse and finally got in the way of my life and my golf.  I was playing with no handicap until my back became my handicap! I got so bad, couldn’t sleep at night.  My doctor sent me in for an MRI and found bulging discs in L3 and L4 and a herniated disc in L5. I also had sciatica down my right leg.  My doctor scheduled me for surgery.  The wait time was one month.  In that time, my golf buddies told me about Gary.  The day I went to see him, I had a hard time standing up for my posture evaluation  photo.

    It’s funny, because I really didn’t believe Gary could fix me, but my friends insisted I go.  I told Gary, “I don’t believe in what you’re doing, Gary. Just to be up front, the only reason I’m here is because 53 of my golfing friends are raving about you and what you did for them. I want you to know that I’m still keeping my surgery appointment for next month.”

    Gary convinced me to give it a try and I ended up cancelling my surgery!  I’m now back playing golf, hitting the ball 25 yards farther and sleeping like a baby.  I got my life back and then some!

    Oh, and my new handicap is +2.