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    Before and After




     Hi, I’m Megan and I’m 15.   My Chiropractor told my parents about Gary and told them maybe they should take me to try his program.

      I have been in back braces all of my life because of my scoliosis.  My left shoulder was lower than the other, my spine had a right twist in it that pushed into my ribs.  My hips went to the right.  My thorasic spine was 47 to 49 degrees off, my lumbar was 48 to 50 degrees off.  I was scheduled for surgery to have rods put up my spine.  I did NOT want that surgery!

    Gary and I worked out together so much, I actually learned a lot about muscles and anatomy.  At one of our classes at school the teacher asked if anyone could name a muscle in the body and boy raised his hand and said. “Biceps!”

    Another student said, “Triceps!”

    Another said, “Hamstrings!”

     “Wow class! Very good!” the teacher said. “What about you Megan?” 

     I said, “Sternal clavicle mastoid, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and sartorius.”  

    Yeah.  My class was shocked! 

    I was removed from the surgery list.  My parents weren’t able to afford to keep going, so I did not get all the way fixed, but I am completely happy with  my new body!