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    Before and After



    I am 63 years old and I have NEVER had a butt!  My back went straight down to my knees.  I had no curves!  But, I sure did have a lot of pains. My jaws hurt on down to my ankles.  I thought it was just a part of aging.  I was wrong!

    I found Fitworks and Gary fixed me right up better than I have ever been!

    Gary’s posture evaluation showed that I had forward head, hunch back , a dropped right shoulder, a right dropped hip, no butt  muscles at all, my jaw fell to the right side so my jaw was rubbing on the left inside of the joint, I had knock-knees which was wearing out my knees, and my ankles fell in.

    Every time I came in for the next session I would tell Gary about how we have eliminated a new pain in my body and how grateful I was that I had found him. 

    When we were done working out the specific muscles groups, my joints lined up naturally, and I noticed that all of my pain had disappeared. 

    My husband said to me, “Wow! You have a butt and curves. Gary made you into a new woman and you look beautiful!"