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    Before and After




    I am a nurse who is married.   I also have four children.   I am a 49 year old woman who used to enjoy running but had to stop because I was in a lot of serious pain for a very long time.  Because of my profession, I thought surgery was the only way to go, once medications had worn out.  So, I was scheduled for back surgery.

    Medically, I had the following problems diagnosed: Pressure on C7 & T9 pushed the vertebra back (posterior), tight muscles in the back causing sciatica pain, right SIJ was very unstable and very mobile so I wore a hip brace to help stabilize my SIJ. Along the way, I had also developed a “C” shaped spine (scoliosis).

    Gary took two photos of me, one from the front and one from the side and he drew lines across my shoulder and my hips.  Then, he stretched my muscles and observed the size and strength differences.  He noted that he believed that because of sciatica pain I was protecting my right side by shifting to the left causing the left side of my back to over develop and pull the spine to the left.  My back muscles were way over-developed!  

    I really didn’t want to have surgery, so I decided to give this a try.

    After working out with Gary and building and stretching specific muscles groups, we ended up stabilizing and lining up all of my joints, and pain went away!  The muscles seem to be driving the joints of the body!  I never thought of it like this!

    The other day, after my five mile run I had to call Gary to thank him!   I told him, “Gary, thank you so much for changing my life. It feels so good to run again, to play sports with my children, to water-ski and to snow ski. Thanks! I will tell everyone about you.” 

    I sent two doctors and 4 more nurses to see Gary and he helped them, too!

    This is the real thing.