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    Before and After




    I am 52 years old, married and a mother of two.  I am an avid golfer but my game has had to stop because of back pain caused by scoliosis, L4 and L5 discs pinching nerves and sciatica.  I also had been having headaches more often than ever and my knees and ankles hurt.  I heard about Gary through a golfing friend of mine.

    We worked out together with the Perfect Posture and Function program Gary pioneered and it really did stabilize and line up all of the joints in my body just by exercising specific muscles!  I found after every workout, my pain was going away.  

    I am now free of pain, my body looks perfect!  I’m back playing golf again and better than before. I am hitting the ball 25 yards farther and my handicap is now two. To top it off, I feel ten years younger.”

    I can’t believe how strong I am now and that I am in perfect shape!