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    Before and After




    Hi, I’m Kristin and I am 30 years old.  Because of pain in my back and knees, I stopped doing many things I enjoyed.  I was really upset when I had to give up dancing.  I love to dance.

     I saw my doctor and he sent me for X-rays and an MRI.  He told me I had a problem at T6 as well as L1 through L5, the vertebra were too close to each other.  It hurt every time I took a breath.  EVERY  TIME.  He said the vertebrae were pinching the nerves inside my spine.  Plus, my spine had and S curve in it.  It was not straight, like it’s supposed to be. He suggested surgery to help correct as much of it as he could and to prevent bone spurs in the future.   He didn’t stop there.  He also told me the meniscus and the cartilage was wearing out on the lateral side of my knees causing Inflammation on the inside of my knees.  At this rate, I would need to have surgery on both of my knees in the very near future.

    I did NOT want to hear any of that, but the surgery parts really scared me!  I did NOT want my spine to be operated on at all!  And I hear knee surgery is painful and I know  the scars are ugly. 

    This is not the direction in which I wanted my life to go.

    I found Fitworks and decided to give the free posture evaluation a try.  Gary made a lot of sense to me and I decided I would rather spend money and time trying to fix my body in a natural way, with no cutting or scars first, before I actually gave surgery another thought.

    I am SO glad I took that chance!  It was the BEST thing I ever did for myself!

    My posture evaluation found some new issues to add to my doctors’ findings:  Forward head, hunch back, left dropped shoulder, right dropped hip, sway-back, legs and knees off-center, and I have knock-knees. 

    After 24 sessions of working out specific muscles, my joints all lined up for perfect posture and function.  I’m now doing more things like running and hiking again. I’m also back to dancing!

    Gary, thank you, I will never forget what you have done for my body and my life. Everything has changed for me.