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    Before and After



    My name is Jolene.  I am 54 years old.  I am a nurse.  Because of my job, I am required to do a lot of standing and walking.  I got to the point where I could barely do my job because of pain and discomfort.

    I had pain at T9 vertebrae, scoliosis, numbness in my right hand for five years and now the numbness in my hand was starting to burn.  Doctors wanted to do carpel tunnel surgery.  

    I also dragged my right leg as I walked.  I noticed my back was beginning to slouch like a little old lady!  What was happening to me?

    I worked out with Gary and his quote is right on!  My doctor found no need for surgery after all. My body straightened out, I now walk normally and my pains are all gone!

    My husband said, “Wow, you no longer drag your leg!” 

    Now, with this pain gone and my spine straight, my work as a nurse is much more enjoyable. Thanks Gary!