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    Before and After




    I am 45 years old and had so many muscle and posture problems it put limitations on my quality of life. I would think, “Forty-five is too young to have all these health issues.” Through my doctor and with Perfect Posture and Function, I discovered I had the following health and body imbalances:

    • Forward head 
    • Stiff muscles in my neck and shoulders
    • Hunch back 
    • Excessive low back curve
    • Spine pulled to the right in the low back
    • My doctor diagnosed me with bulging discs in L1, L2 and L3
    • My doctor also told me I had herniated discs in L4 and L5
    • My doctor also diagnosed me with sciatica down my left leg
    • I had a terrible twist in my spine 
    • My doctor wanted me to have surgery to have pins put in my lumbar spine
    • I was rotated at the hips, knees and ankles
    • I had knock-knees
    • I had inflammation in my knees
    • My knees were wearing out
    • My doctor told me I was headed towards surgery on my knees 
    • My flexibility was so bad that I felt like rigor mortis had set in
    • Body fat was 35%
    • My doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure
    • My doctor also told me I had high cholesterol
    • I was on pain medications, and so I felt tired and kind of “zoned out”

    I heard through a friend how great Fitworks is, so I called to set up an appointment. When I walked in the door at my first appointment I said, “What’s going on with me?” And then I said, “Gary, I am done--- I want to die. I have had it; I am miserable. Can you do something for me?”

    Gary said, “Yes, if you will trust me and follow my program, we will make you a new man!”

    Every time I left his office I would tell him, “Gary I feel better than when I came in.”  At my last session I said, “Thank you for all you have done for me Gary, I choose life!"                    

    All in all, I worked out with Gary’s program for three years. Today my body is perfectly lined up and balanced!

    I am almost unrecognizable from what I was three years ago. My body fat is 12%, my doctor says my blood pressure is 100/ 65 and my cholesterol is perfect. My flexibility is also perfect. 

    I am now running every day and I play golf three times a week!  I also scuba dive, compete in bikes races, hike and I am even on a county recreation team playing basketball!  I am a new man with a new life!