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    Before and After




    I am an 81 year old woman.  I may be old, but I do not want to look or feel old!  I get so tired of doctors telling me, “It’s part of growing old.  Get used to it.  Here, take these pills.”  I know I am old, but I wasn’t born yesterday.  My doctor told me C7 had a problem, and I have osteoporosis, my pelvis is twisted and L4 and L5 were causing painful sciatica which has kept me from getting a good nights’ sleep for over 28 years.  When I did get to sleep, I developed sleep apnea.  I also had more frequent headaches and noticed cold and numbness in my hands.

    I felt like I needed to die, but my mind just wasn’t ready for that yet.

    The work outs with Gary were not at all difficult to do, even at my age.  I always left his office feeling better than I did when I came in.  It wasn’t long before I started sleeping every night!  I started catching up on my rest and feeling better with each day!  Take the pain away and, “Presto!” I am sleeping with no more sleep apnea!  

     I feel ten years younger!  My body is no longer all slouched over and my pain, numbness and cold sensations are all gone.

    For me, life has begun again at 81!