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    Before and After




    I’m 52 years old and I’ve spent the last 15 years in pain. 

    I had a lot going on.  My doctor told me C7 was sliding back and pinching the nerves and cutting off blood circulation to my arms.   That as why my hands were numb and cold most all of the time.  X-rays showed I had bone spurs and the vertebra  were trying to fuse together, and T10 on the right side and T6 on the left side were pinching nerves that were killing me!   As if that wasn’t enough, scoliosis showed up, too.

    I was officially a mess.

    To my surprise, my posture evaluation showed more issues with my muscles.  I added forward head, hunch back, excessive sway-back, bow-legged, excessive dropped left hip, both ankles turned out like a duck, which caused my knees to turn outward with each step.  All caused by muscles being either too strong or too weak, too tight, some even in a tight spasm!

    I needed a 24 session program with Fitworks Perfect Posture and Function to get  all of my muscles  working evenly to line up my joints naturally. The best part is that all of my pain is gone!  Oh, and I look great!  My friends all think I have lost weight.  

    Gary, you have changed my life.  Thank you!