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    Before and After




    21 year single male. Anyone interested? Because of my horrible posture, I was never one to ask a girl out on a date.  I was shunned, really. Because of my bad posture, the pain in my heart was just as bad as the pain in my body.

    Let me tell you this, because of the pain I was in, my doctor wrote prescriptions for pain medications.  Soon one didn’t work anymore so he wrote for something else.  I ended up on oxycodine. And I became addicted to it.  Not just addicted…a hardcore addict.

    My father was going to see Gary and he brought me in one day for a posture evaluation.  Gary and I worked out together for 48 sessions.  He not only helped my posture straighten out like it should be, he talked with me about life and the medication I was abusing.  I decided to change my life.  New body, new life. I got the help I needed to stop using and found out after it was all said and done, I no longer needed the medication to stop the pain. I had no more pain!  My body was perfect, my pain was gone and I no longer needed another fix.

     Gary, thank you I feel great in my new body!