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    Before and After


    Cathy Duffin

    These fitness sessions have been such a great help!   I have always struggled with slumping posture and a forward head, and this has FINALLY been the direction that’s made a difference!  Gary is uniquely gifted in solving individual concerns and personalizing the program.  He is very knowledgeable in the muscular/skeletal systems and evaluates the exact exercises and stretches that will affect specific areas.  Not only do I feel taller (and thinner!), but my flexibility and general health are also much improved   - vigor, vitality….I just simply feel good!  In addition, Gary put together a personalized exercise program in a binder, with good descriptions and pictures to model them, and provided at-home tools that I can carry on with now that the sessions are over. As a plus on the side, I also learned many other health tidbits along the way that open my mind to healthy living, including clean eating, emotional stress release, etc. I didn’t know quite what to expect when I started, but the personal and professional approach has sold me!  I have been recommending Gary’s program to many friends, whether they are enduring back pain, fighting chronic headaches, suffering in their range of motion when lifting basic household things, or simply having posture concerns like me.  It’s worth it!