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    Before and After



    I am a 67 year old man with a lot of problems too long to list in this letter. 

    In short, my doctor found bulging discs in L4 and L5 on the left side, scoliosis, sciatica down my right leg, both my knees were wearing out fast, and I had poor circulation in my feet. 

    All I know is my neck, back, legs and feet hurt like heck all of the time.  I just wanted someone to help make it stop hurting!

     After six months of working with Gary, I made remarkable changes. I got a new body and my pains all disappeared.

    Gary you have changed my life. I’m doing things I haven’t done before.  I’m walking every night.  My golf game is much better and I’m hitting the ball 25 yards farther.  I have more energy.  I really feel great! Thank you! Can I still keep coming to see you? I just feel so good!