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    Before and After




    I’m 23 years.  I was in serious pain and my doctors were not giving much help except for pain medication, as well as talking about surgery to put rods up my spine or wearing a body brace.  NO WAY!

    I was messed up: Cold and numbness in his hands and fingers, neck and shoulders were stiff and sore, pressure on the front of C7 which transferred the pressure to the front of T9 pushing the vertebra back, stiff and sore back muscles, quadriceps and calf muscles.  Glutes, hamstrings and abs were contracting all the time. Pressure on the front or anterior side of L1-L5.  Hip iliopsoas were weak and tight, I had two stages of scoliosis.  The left side of my ribcage pushed against my lungs so every time I took a deep breath it hurt.  Hip pain and lower back pain.  My knee joints had too much pressure on the lateral side of the joint wearing the meniscus and cartilage out too fast (Could end up replacing my knees at the age of 65).

    Gary was able to find even more problems in my muscles!  Like I needed more.  

    On my 6th session I told Gary, “I feel like you are unwinding me. People are noticing that my posture is improving, and I am feeling much stronger.” 

    After 12 one hour sessions, my side view shows the joints almost perfectly lined up. Aall of my pains  have disappeared. My face view shows shoulders and hips are parallel. The external rotation at the hips, knees, and ankles are all gone! I still have too much bow in my legs, but I am working on that.  I am off all pain medications.