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    Before and After




    I am 19 years old and had been seen by many doctors and no one could seem to help me. Finally, a doctor referred  me to Fitworks because he knew Gary and he felt strongly that Gary could help me.  

    From all that I have learned from my many doctors and through my Posture Evaluation with Fitworks, I can give you a list of the problems I had, and the pain they were giving me.

    I leaned forward on the balls of my feet when I stood or walked.  I had a forward head, a sore and tired back because all of the muscles in my back were constantly firing to pull me back to the center of gravity.  I had a dropped left shoulder, a dropped right hip, an “S” curve in my spine, vertebrae T8 and T9 were pinching the nerves.  My spine had a twist in it so I had pain in my spine when I inhaled.  I also had an excessive lower back curve.   Add to that, I also was bow-legged, had inflammation on the outside of my knees, and they were quickly wearing out.  My ankles were also turned outward.  I wore my shoes down along the outside edges and it looked terrible! 

    Every time I went in to workout I felt better and better.  Around my 8th session I told Gary that I felt like he was unwinding me, because that’s what it felt like!  It didn’t hurt to breathe anymore!!  At Fitworks, I worked hard for 60 sessions.  I corrected all of my imbalances using Gary’s program.  My body looks perfect and feels amazing!

    Working with Gary was the best thing I ever did for myself!  Thank you Gary! You changed my life and kept me out of surgery. I will never forget you!