By building and stretching specific muscle groups, the joints line up gradually for perfect posture and function. A balanced body over time...all done naturally!

 -- Gary Rumel

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
-- Thomas A. Edison


If you have any of the following discomforts, you will want to join the club: 

  1. The muscles in your neck and shoulder (trapezius) are tight or stiff
  2. Cold and numbness in your hands (restriction of nerves and blood vessels)
  3. Dizziness when you sit up fast (hyper-mobile atlas)
  4. Tight muscles around your jaw joint (TMJD)
  5. Headaches   

You are not alone 95% of all people have a forward head. Nicolas Cage, Don Knotts, Harrison Ford, Richard Greer, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Matthew McConaughey, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Diane Keaton are great examples of people with a forward head.

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Natural, Risk-free Solution is Perfect Posture and Function

Gary Rumel is the founder of Fitworks Perfect Posture and Function, L.L.C. and he specializes in correcting musculoskeletal imbalances.  In 2000, Gary pioneered a method proven to successfully correct poor posture into perfect posture and function. He does this by exercising and building specific muscle groups, while stretching to lengthen specific muscle groups for proper flexibility and as needed, segmentally massage to relax muscle tissue, while the person remains fully clothed.  

Gary graduated from Reebok University in the study of Reactive Neuromuscular Training, Biomechanics of the Body, Mobility, Stability of Joints and Advanced Flexibility Training.

Gary graduated from the Myotherapy College of Utah in the following: Swedish massage, Namikoshi Shiatsu, Acu-therapy, Polarity, Acupressure, and Deep tissue massage.

Along with his formal education, he studied so much anatomy on his own that he just started ‘seeing’ (Inspired really) how to correct  “musculoskeletal imbalances” and developed a program called “Perfect Posture and Function”.

The Fitworks Perfect Posture and Function Program has eliminated the following in musculoskeletal imbalances such as:

Forward head, hunch back, swayed low back, flat low back, feet go out, dropped shoulder or hip, knocked knees, bow legs, flat feet. 

Gary is NOT a medical doctor, nor any kind of a doctor.  He is NOT a chiropractor.  He is NOT a physical therapist.  NOT even a nutritionist.  Gary does NOT diagnose or prescribe anything related to medical.  It’s all about the muscle.  His quote sums it up perfectly:

“By building and stretching specific muscle groups, the joints line up gradually for perfect posture and function.   A balanced body over time…all done naturally!”

~Gary Rumel